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Trixie P.

Yorgo’s Foods is actually a great restaurant! I haven’t tried any kind of Mediterranean foods before because I’m a picky eater and I am so scared that I might not like them. The last thing I want is to just waste food and money at the same time. However, when my friends brought me to this place, I have no other choice but to actually eat because it was a celebration to my friend’s birthday and it would be rude of me not to accept the meals they gave me so I did. To my surprise, I actually loved the dishes! It was a great experience for me and I want to thank my friends for dragging me to this place and letting me try good foods.

Paula W.

I really love Yorgo’s Foods. Even if I come here alone to dine from time to time, I never actually felt alone because of all the staff that made me feel welcome. I also love the food I get to eat. Some places can always make me feel lonely when I dine in alone but at Yorgo’s, it is different. It really has a nice ambiance and the place is really cool. It has become one of my favorite restaurants already for only a short time.

Kyla C.

My co-worker love to come here at Yorgo’s Foods because of the private dining rooms. We usually come here with other co-workers to dine whenever we have to discuss a few things about our work and it is great. The room is quiet and we get to have a lot of privacy when we talk.

Eustace P.

This place is so good. I came here once when we had a family gathering and used one of the private rooms. It is pretty and private and is really nice to use for private dinners. I love it and their cuisines as well.