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Yorgo’s Foods has been in the industry for more than 20 years and we strive to continue to be a successful restaurant for a longer time. This business actually started when a Mediterranean-cuisine lover met a Mediterranean woman who actually became his wife. When they first started being together, they already thought of doing a business together but they never thought it would come true as time passed by. When they got married, they started Yorgo’s Foods restaurant and it became a success even after being such a small restaurant with a lot of competition in the city of Arizona at that time. However, as the business continues, they thought it would be better to expand and to hire more people that could work for them.

Their business is growing and more people have been coming to their restaurant. That is why they expanded their business and hired more crews—even chefs. They wanted to keep the authenticity even after growing so they managed to hire amazing chefs from different Mediterranean countries. From then on, Yorgo’s Foods business became one of the best restaurants in Arizona and up until now, they still managed to keep their success, passing it from one generation to another.

Years after, Yorgo’s Foods also expanded not just in Arizona. We can now be visited in different cities like Michigan, Denver, Chicago, and more. It was a great thing to start this business and let others experience the goodness of Mediterranean cuisine. The owners want to make sure that they serve only the best foods and they are actually successful in that goal. Many people loved Yorgo’s Foods and the business actually grows further because of that. The owners will be expanding more in the future as they work hard to introduce the Mediterranean cuisine and culture to many people from all over the world.